Investor Affirmations

Prosperity is your birthright!

Are you talking yourself out of prosperity? Are you affirming what it is you want to show up in your life? Have you identified EXACTLY what you want to accomplish from your investments? In this episode I share a few of my investor affirmations. Take a listen!

Law of Detachment

Detach from the outcome!

Are you the type of person that ALWAYS worries about every decision you make? Do you drive yourself crazy thinking did you do this right did you do that right? What about this, your an entrepreneur or investor and you drive yourself insane with attachment issues with your execution decisions? You want to listen to this episode…like now!

Earn Bitcoin Daily

Hey fam there is a huge window of opportunity that exists right now in the bitcoin mining space. My financial company has entered into this space to capture some of the excitement. I personally have been in the bitcoin game since 2013, wrote a bitcoin book in 2016 and have been heavily involved in the space behind the scenes. This episode talks about what we are offering to our clients and how one can get involved in bitcoin mining.

This window of opportunity will close soon. This is not a scare tactic but the way the industry is gobbling up the bitcoin hash rate, the opportunity won’t be around forever. So if interested follow the instructions in the episode!

Peace & Unconditional Love!


How Queen Got Into Bitcoin

A lot of you are curious about how I got involved in bitcoin and why and how etc. etc. I had this podcast up on my other Bitcoin youtube channel but Youtube decided to demonetize that channel as well. Yeah I know they suck, can’t wait for my buddy to complete his biz that will disrupt youtube and bring in competition without censorship.

Anyways I reuploaded it and wanted to post over here as bitcoin comes up in a lot of my conversations these days, especially when we are talking about investments and retirement. If bitcoin interests you, I would highly recommend you read the bitcoin whitepaper and understand what the technology is before investing.

This is not investment advice!

I hope you enjoy the episode!