Kundalini Awakening Part 3

We going in on this one!

This episode we get into how diet, exercise, meditation and sexual continence play a vital role in the success of your kundalini awakening!

Did you know you have a reservoir full of infinite potentiality? Infinite life force energy? These next few episodes we will discuss how to tap into this divine energy for healing growth and expansion! Let’s Go!

Meditation equals Medication


Science is now catching up with the benefits of meditation and how it helps with your overall health, mental state and physical vitality. This episode goes thru 12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation from Healthline.

I will start sharing various meditation forms that I utlilize for myself so you can pick and choose some of the ones that resonate with you.

Hope you Enjoy!

Resource: Article Link

Health Is Wealth | 21 Day Water Fast | Breatharian

We spend a lot of time chasing money. chasing men, chasing women, chasing chasing chasing. One thing the person always says on their death bed is they wish they had a better quality of life.

Your health is your wealth and if you don’t look after it now, you will spend the rest of your life looking after it in your golden years. I can not express to you how much great health has benefited my life. I wish to share with you in this episode my health journey.

I hope you get inspired!

Are You Evolving or Devolving

Are you ready for the Golden Age?

As we move into the 5th dimension and beyond there are things we must do to prepare mentally and energetically for this phenomenal shift. The so called powers that be do not want you to tap into your inner energy nor do they want you to find out that you even have this sort of supernatural ability.

I came back to earth to deliver the message of freedom so here I am with another episode to get those that are on the frequency to rise up and elevate your vibration!

Let’s get it.

Ask any questions below. Will do my best to answer timely.

Kill The Microwave Mentality

2.5 minutes (popcorn mode) ain’t gone get it!

Is what it is you are striving for worth trading your life? Are you living your passion? Are you living your highest truth? This episode gets into the discussion around the joy of the journey towards your ultimate life’s success. It’s not going to happen overnight!

You ready? Let’s get it!

Build Mental Toughness

“You gotta put in the work mentally as well”-Queen

This episode talks a bit about a couple of breakthroughs I have had in dealing with so called “perceived barriers” I put it my own way. Yep, at the end of the day the only barriers are the ones you have placed in your way of your breakthrough. So how the hell are we suppose to get to the other side? BUILD MENTAL TOUGHNESS!

Take a listen and let me know your thoughts. What’s holding you back from your breakthrough? I’m all ears…..

Health Benefits Of Fasting

From Fat Vegan To Healthy Vegan

I started on my health journey in the year 2019. It started with me doing a 33 day water only fast. I was told by people that I would die. That I was an idiot and that its not healthy. As we dive into the science behind fasting, all the myths about fasting are debunked with peer reviewed science and case studies. Maybe fasting can help you like it helps me?

By the way, I’m still roaming earth and in the best health of my life! 😁

Resources Mentioned:

How Does Fasting Affect The Brain

Dr. Goldhamer Water Fasting Interview

Is Fasting Safe? Health Case Study

Harvard Health Intermittent Fasting Article

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Obvious Disclaimer: This is not medical advice!