What If You Could Stay In Love Forever

Hey fam,

If you know me know me then you know I love BOB. I embrace my inner Bob every chance I get.

This episode is a mental mind teaser…lol. I encourage you to maybe listen to this when you are in a stand still situation as the recording was done over a very soothing healing track. Its short but I don’t recommend listening while driving because my mojo just might put you to sleep.

Enjoy the teaser!


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CashFlow Queen discusses how she goes about a one call close and what makes it effective for her in the sales cycle.

This episode dedicated to my grandmother as today 7-16-2019 is her birthday. Love you grandma, miss you much! RIP!

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You ever wonder what the exact formula is for closing sales? CashFlow Queen Kenetra invites you into her secret weapon she calls the C3Method that allows her to strategically close deals at will. This simple method allows her to close any size deals without fear of rejection! You ready champ? Leggo!

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