Earn Bitcoin Daily

Hey fam there is a huge window of opportunity that exists right now in the bitcoin mining space. My financial company has entered into this space to capture some of the excitement. I personally have been in the bitcoin game since 2013, wrote a bitcoin book in 2016 and have been heavily involved in the space behind the scenes. This episode talks about what we are offering to our clients and how one can get involved in bitcoin mining.

This window of opportunity will close soon. This is not a scare tactic but the way the industry is gobbling up the bitcoin hash rate, the opportunity won’t be around forever. So if interested follow the instructions in the episode!

Peace & Unconditional Love!


What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?


We all are seeking, growing and evolving to the next chapter of self. In that process of evolution there will be things that we must sacrifice in order for that next chapter to come into fruition.

We must ponder this question with great intensity and be honest with the answers. Let’s dive into this episode and talk about it, shall we.

Peace & Unconditional Love #1Love1Life


Why Your Prayers Don’t Work

Oh please please please …….NOT!

You’ve been hoping wishing and praying for a better life and nothing is happening for you. I’m gonna share with you in this episode the real secret to make all your prayers and dreams manifest. It’s really easier than you may think!

And no I won’t be collecting tithes at the end. My podcast is my service to humanity!

Build Mental Toughness

“You gotta put in the work mentally as well”-Queen

This episode talks a bit about a couple of breakthroughs I have had in dealing with so called “perceived barriers” I put it my own way. Yep, at the end of the day the only barriers are the ones you have placed in your way of your breakthrough. So how the hell are we suppose to get to the other side? BUILD MENTAL TOUGHNESS!

Take a listen and let me know your thoughts. What’s holding you back from your breakthrough? I’m all ears…..

Consciously Create

What will you create?

We are automatic manifesting on a daily minute by minute basis, most have just been unconscious of this magnificent human quality that resides in each of us. This episode focuses on a simple formula that, if incorporated, can allow you to start consciously creating your reality.

The earth, this life is your canvas. Paint away my friend!

Health Benefits Of Fasting

From Fat Vegan To Healthy Vegan

I started on my health journey in the year 2019. It started with me doing a 33 day water only fast. I was told by people that I would die. That I was an idiot and that its not healthy. As we dive into the science behind fasting, all the myths about fasting are debunked with peer reviewed science and case studies. Maybe fasting can help you like it helps me?

By the way, I’m still roaming earth and in the best health of my life! 😁

Resources Mentioned:

How Does Fasting Affect The Brain

Dr. Goldhamer Water Fasting Interview

Is Fasting Safe? Health Case Study

Harvard Health Intermittent Fasting Article

Need health coaching to help you reach your fitness/health goals. Queen offers limited 1 on 1 coaching. Click here to book your coaching session with Queen today.

Obvious Disclaimer: This is not medical advice!

Does Meditation Even Work

Get Up In Your Theta

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “does meditation work?” There are tons of science case studies that proves meditation in fact makes your brain better. I will dive into some of the research and offer a small mindfulness guided meditation towards the end.

By the way, want to reverse your aging without pills, surgery and non-sense? You guessed it, meditation does that and then some. You better learn to get up in your theta…LOL

Resources Mentioned:

Scientists Discover How To Turn Light Into Matter After 80 yr Quest

Dr. Joe Dispenza Blog Post Referenced

Meditation Science Case Study Mentioned

Free Yourself From Regret

Lets All Jump To Vibrate Higher

A friend of mine actually inspired this episode and she doesn’t know it. I’m sending her healing and love vibes all the way from over here and I got some for you too. I shared a little bit about my biological father in this episode. I never thought I would be so open like that but hey my podcasts and writings are such good free therapy…and just may can help somebody else out there.

So my question is what regret(s) are you holding on to that is stopping you from living your best life and feeling the absolute highest vibration you can?

I’m listening….

How Queen Got Into Bitcoin

A lot of you are curious about how I got involved in bitcoin and why and how etc. etc. I had this podcast up on my other Bitcoin youtube channel but Youtube decided to demonetize that channel as well. Yeah I know they suck, can’t wait for my buddy to complete his biz that will disrupt youtube and bring in competition without censorship.

Anyways I reuploaded it and wanted to post over here as bitcoin comes up in a lot of my conversations these days, especially when we are talking about investments and retirement. If bitcoin interests you, I would highly recommend you read the bitcoin whitepaper and understand what the technology is before investing.

This is not investment advice!

I hope you enjoy the episode!