To Create A New You Must Destroy The Old

Let’s get to building a new!

How many times have you tried to make some changes in your life for the better to see yourself back sliding into your old habits or old thought patterns? Lasting change is in fact possible when done correctly. We dive in on this episode to chat about it. Tune in now!

Extend Your Mind

Beam me up Scottie!

Is it really possible to extend your mind and think outside of your brain? Is there a higher level intelligence that you can tap into for creative flows and direction on where you want your life to go? This episode dives in the answer these questions.

Are you ready to upgrade your brain power?

Show Notes:

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Health Is Wealth | 21 Day Water Fast | Breatharian

We spend a lot of time chasing money. chasing men, chasing women, chasing chasing chasing. One thing the person always says on their death bed is they wish they had a better quality of life.

Your health is your wealth and if you don’t look after it now, you will spend the rest of your life looking after it in your golden years. I can not express to you how much great health has benefited my life. I wish to share with you in this episode my health journey.

I hope you get inspired!

Self Care Self Love

You have to love yourself more than anybody else!

Are you doing your very best to take care of yourself the way you deserve? Do you even know how to love yourself? This episode I want to chat with you on some strategies that you can use to start creating self love in your life!

I love you! 💞

Prosperity and Abundance or Nah?

Let’s get it fam!

Are you just infatuated with the idea of prosperity and abundance or are you a manifesting G? I find often people talk a good game but don’t get into the action steps to have prosperity and abundance. This episode goes into how you can start your manifesting process!


Are You Evolving or Devolving

Are you ready for the Golden Age?

As we move into the 5th dimension and beyond there are things we must do to prepare mentally and energetically for this phenomenal shift. The so called powers that be do not want you to tap into your inner energy nor do they want you to find out that you even have this sort of supernatural ability.

I came back to earth to deliver the message of freedom so here I am with another episode to get those that are on the frequency to rise up and elevate your vibration!

Let’s get it.

Ask any questions below. Will do my best to answer timely.

Kill The Microwave Mentality

2.5 minutes (popcorn mode) ain’t gone get it!

Is what it is you are striving for worth trading your life? Are you living your passion? Are you living your highest truth? This episode gets into the discussion around the joy of the journey towards your ultimate life’s success. It’s not going to happen overnight!

You ready? Let’s get it!