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Hey folks welcome to the website, blog and podcast show. I will be sharing lots and lots of strategies and tips on manifesting, trauma release techniques, business mindset, marketing & motivation and overall winning in life! Some of this stuff I hack into is backed by peer reviewed science! For all you science freaks out there..lol

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Investor Affirmations

Prosperity is your birthright!

Are you talking yourself out of prosperity? Are you affirming what it is you want to show up in your life? Have you identified EXACTLY what you want to accomplish from your investments? In this episode I share a few of my investor affirmations. Take a listen!

Silent Mind Meditation

Today’s meditation will teach you how to become a conscious observer of your thoughts and discard those thoughts that do not serve you. Science says we receive about 80,000 plus thoughts per day and over 90% of those thoughts are non-serving or low vibration. Time to think about what you’re thinking about!

Law of Detachment

Detach from the outcome!

Are you the type of person that ALWAYS worries about every decision you make? Do you drive yourself crazy thinking did you do this right did you do that right? What about this, your an entrepreneur or investor and you drive yourself insane with attachment issues with your execution decisions? You want to listen to this episode…like now!

Pineal Activation Part 3

Other realms exist waiting for you to tap in!

As we continue with the pineal (3rd eye) activation episodes, today I wanted to share some of a book I’m reading called ‘Becoming Supernatural’ written by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Its a fascinating read with a lot of medical case studies around the activation of the pineal gland. In this episode I’m sharing some of the content from the chapter on the pineal gland.

Pineal Activation Part 2

Is your 3rd eye calcified?

We dive deep into more components of the pineal gland and the benefits thereof. Giving you some insight on symptoms that may let you know that your pineal gland is calcified. The episode also discusses ways to start activating your pineal gland and connecting with the other 99% you can not see with the naked eye. Let’s go!

Pineal Activation Part 1

What do you see with your inner eye?

Peace fam! I wanted to tie in the pineal gland activation to our most recent series on the kundalini awakening because the two work hand in hand. This awesome inner eye once open gives you insights into so much more of what you can not see with the naked eye. If you are really wanting to evolve then you’ll want to play close attention to these next upcoming episodes!

Kundalini Awakening Part 3

We going in on this one!

This episode we get into how diet, exercise, meditation and sexual continence play a vital role in the success of your kundalini awakening!

Did you know you have a reservoir full of infinite potentiality? Infinite life force energy? These next few episodes we will discuss how to tap into this divine energy for healing growth and expansion! Let’s Go!